Generation Thrive Cohorts

Cohorts are groups of Warriors Community Foundation grantee organizations focused on early learning and college access. These organizations have access to a set of opportunities for learning, capacity-building, results-based accountability, and collaboration, and they are contributing to collective impact in early learning and college.

Generation Thrive Cohorts have access to a growing archive of relevant, timely, pedagogical tools designed to support their practice as educators.

A key focus for our cohorts is on Results-Based Accountability: Cohorts will develop the skills to understand how to apply Results Based Accountability (RBA) and data-driven decision making for population well-being and organizational performance accountability.

Three key focus areas:

Staff from nonprofits that are part of the Generation Thrive cohorts have access to three types of learning opportunities:

  • Assess and understand the intercultural development of leadership and staff and how this contributes to the organizational culture.
  • Consider what organizational processes might be improved by applying RBA performance accountability principles.
  • Development of results based strategic plans that advance equity.

College Track Access

Early Learning Cohorts