Frequently Asked Questions

This information is intended to support visitors to Generation Thrive by equipping them with the information they need to plan their event.

General FAQ

What are the office hours for the community space?

All community spaces are available 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. Extended hours and weekend use may be accommodated on a case-by-case basis.

Where is Generation Thrive?

Generation Thrive Oakland is located at 1011 Broadway in beautiful downtown Oakland, within the Oakland Marriott City Center. Generation Thrive San Francisco is located at 1725 3rd St, within the Chase Center’s Thrive City area.

How do I reserve space?

All requests must be submitted through our website.

Is masking or social distancing required?

Not at this time. Please refer to Generation Thrive Oakland Alameda County health mandates for Generation Thrive Oakland requirements and San Francisco Health Department guidance for Generation Thrive City.

How many guests can Generation Thrive Accomodate?

Generation Thrive Oakland has two meeting rooms: We Believe, which accommodates up to 40 guests, and Curry Corner, which accommodates up to 10. Generation Thrive San Francisco has two bookable spaces which each accommodate up to 40 guests.

Events FAQ

How often can I use Generation Thrive? To best and most equitably serve our community through Generation Thrive, we have usage quotas for reservations. Grantees may use the conference rooms as frequently as needed, for a period of up to three consecutive days per booking. Non-grantees are able to book conference rooms once per month for a period of up to two consecutive days per booking. Both grantees and non-grantees are also eligible to make one single-day coworking reservation per week, for a group of up to 5 people. Coworking reservations will not count against your conference room quota and vice versa.

Can I see the space before making a reservation? If you’d like to walk through either space in person, please email Generation Thrive at to request a tour. Depending on the size or complexity of your event, our team may require a tour before approving your request.

Can I book multiple rooms? Yes, organizations may book multiple rooms at a single site. If you are interested in booking multiple rooms, please make a note of it in your request.

May I book the space on a recurring basis? Recurring requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Mission alignment, room availability, and event format will be considered prior to approving these requests.

Will I be able to set up before my reservation time? No. Please include any set up and break down time in your reservation request, as access to the space cannot be guaranteed outside of this window.

Can I host my fundrasiser at Generation Thrive? Yes, fundraisers are allowed at Genertion Thrive.

How do I know if Im a current grantee? Please refer to Warriors Community Foundation Grantee list.

Can I bring in food or drinks? Yes, guests are allowed to bring in their own food and drink. Alcohol is not permitted.

Why do I need to share my guest list with Generation Thrive? To ensure the wellbeing of all visitors, hosts and guests are required to check in before entering Generation Thrive. We use the guest lists you share to make the check in process as quick and easy as possible.

How should I get there? Generation Thrive spaces are accessible by public transit, bike share, or car. Detailed access instructions will be provided once your event is confirmed.

Amenities FAQ

May I rearrange furniture?

Rooms will be set in their standard arrangement at the start of the reservation. Hosts are welcome to rearrange furniture to their liking, but should return it to its original condition at the end of their visit.

Is there a space for me to take a private call?

Generation Thrive Oakland: No dedicated phone room is available but if either of the conference rooms are open (We Believe or Curry Corner), please feel free to hop in for a quick call. Generation Thrive San Francisco: No dedicated phone room is available. However, Golden Room has an adjoining meeting room that can fit up to 4 people.

Can I host hybrid meetings at Generation Thrive?

All Generation Thrive Spaces can be set up to accommodate hybrid events. Please ensure to get familiar with our technology before your event to ensure your hybrid meeting is a success. A technology guide will be sent once your event is confirmed.

What tech support is available?

We do not have dedicated IT or AV support for Generation Thrive event hosts, but our team will do our best to quickly address any IT needs. We encourage hosts to arrive well before their event to allow time for troubleshooting.

May I store things at Generation Thrive overnight?

If you have a multi-day reservation, you are welcome to leave belongings in the space you reserved. We will accommodate dropoffs in advance of your meeting/event on a case by case basis.

Which nearby restaurants do you recommend?

Event hosts are invited to work with any food vendor of their choice for events at Generation Thrive. We encourage you to work with a Woman- or BIPOC-owned small business.